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A photo surfaced Wednesday on social media showing a Philadelphia police officer displaying his Nazi tattoo while working the #BlackResistanceMarch during the Democratic National Convention in July.

Lichterman pictured during a Black resistance march, July 28, 2016.

Lichterman pictured during a Black resistance march, July 28, 2016. | Photo: Facebook: Evan P. Mathews

The police officer had a large tattoo of an eagle and the familiar Nazi parteiadler symbol, with the caption “fatherland” on his left forearm.

The photo showed the name “Lichterman” printed on his uniform along with a tattoo of an assault rifle and a U.S. flag on his right forearm with the caption “For God and Country.”

The photo was shared by Evan P. Mathews who claimed that it showed Philadelphia police officer Ian Hans Lichterman on July 28, 2016, during the DNC.

The post alleged that the tattoo contained an Iron Cross, an award that Hitler received that was also given to Nazi soldiers during World War II.

Mathews asked people to contact “the Philadelphia Police 2nd Precinct and let them know employing a police officer with a white-supremacist, Nazi tattoo is unacceptable.”

Mathews also made reference to a 2006 FBI report titled, “White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement,” which detailed widespread racist and white supremacist ideologies within police forces.

The march on July 28, was in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement against the oppression of Black people and other people of color by police forces and the state and was organized at the DNC rally by community groups, including the Philly Coalition for REAL Justice and Workers World Party.

The post explains that Lichterman was part of around 100 police officers that blocked intersections in Philadelphia during the protest march. Hundreds of people shared the original post slamming the racist and white-supremacist tattoo and questioning why Lichterman was working for the police, while highlighting the inherent racism within law enforcement.

A leader of the White Lives Matter Group, recently wrote that she wished that “Hitler were alive and well today.” The group was classified as a hate group by the Southern Law Poverty Center, a hate-group monitoring organization.

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