Brazil: Journalist beaten up by police – Felipe Souza, BBC Brasil:


A group of riot police suddenly decided to change course. I leaned against the wall to wait for them to pass.
I was wearing a BBC Brazil vest and badge and I raised my hands and said I was press.
“Move over!” said at least four police just before catching me with truncheon blows on the right forearm, left hand, right shoulder, chest and right leg.
My forearm swelled up and turned purple. The phone I was using fell to the ground and the screen was broken. Luckily, the blow I took to the chest was cushioned by the vest I was wearing. I also wore a helmet and gas mask – complying with internal BBC rules for covering demonstrations.
The Secretariat of Public Security of Sao Paulo said that “the facts narrated by the reporter will be investigated and the journalist should file a police report”.

Original Article – Felipe Souza:

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